MCDS’s mission is to cultivate the next generation of creative problem solvers for tomorrow’s complex problems.

Monroe Country Day School was founded in 2015 by Dr. Rita Dickinson. Dr. Dickinson spent her career as a social worker, teacher, a state level CIS Curriculum Director, a national School Improvement Consultant and Walton County Project Director. Dr. Dickinson’s career culminated a school where experienced faculty nurture, guide and encourage students to achieve academic excellence and social responsibility. While MCDS covers basic skills, our  curriculum emphasizes projects, honors depth over breadth, and accentuates creative problem-solving.

Applying skills, in depth class discussions  and service learning differentiates us from schools where students often perform traditional seat work.Which is not to say we’ve dispensed with traditional teaching methods. We adhere to clear high standards and expect our students to master subject matter. But above all, we seek to instill understanding. MCDS sees understanding as important as arriving at the right answer.

At Monroe Country Day School we believe that:

  • Children grow in character and become independent thinkers through a balance of scholarly enterprise and active participation in service learning and the arts.
  • Talented, dedicated and passionate teachers who hold high expectations and find fulfillment in their work are the greatest mentors for our students.
  • Students succeed because they have been taught to strive for excellence, value hard work, think critically, collaborate productively, express themselves thoughtfully, step outside their comfort zone and overcome the challenges.
  • Our students bring a variety of perspectives, personalities and passions; this diversity makes the school a community where each can learn from all.
  • We are privileged to be educating the next generation of leaders for our community, our city and our nation; and we know that their success depends upon their integrity; capacity for managing complexity; adaptability and perseverance; and confidence in embarking upon ambitious undertakings.
  • Students have different skills or learning styles. That’s why we create a learning environment that allows children to progress according to their potential.