The Monroe Country Day School is accredited by The Georgia Accrediting Commission, Inc. It is a school model that has a long history of success.

Monroe Country Day School is designed to take children who are not challenged with traditional teacher centered learning to new levels of academic excellence, independent thinking, creative problem solving, and sense of responsibility for self, neighbors and community.

Why now and why Monroe?
There is excellent teaching going on in all our schools everyday. However, many of our children are not inspired, reached or motivated by traditional education.

You recognize a Country Day School by these characteristics:

  1. Emphasis on learning by doing – projects and experiential learning;
  2. Integrated curriculum;
  3. Strong emphasis on problem solving and critical thinking;
  4. Understanding and action as the goals of learning as opposed to rote knowledge;
  5. Collaborative and cooperative learning projects;
  6. Highly personalized education accounting for each individual’s personal goals;
  7. Education for social responsibility and democracy;
  8. Integration of community service and service learning projects into the daily curriculum;
  9. Emphasis on lifelong learning and social skills; and
  10. Assessment includes evaluation of child’s project, discussions and productions.