High marks for Core Knowledge Language Arts!

Identifying the highest-quality instructional materials can be a real challenge. That’s why the independent, non-profit EdReports.org does rigorous, educator-driven reviews of curricula on alignment to the Common Core State Standards and usability in the classroom.

EdReports.org just released their review of ELA curriculum for Grades 3-5, giving Amplify’s Core Knowledge Language Arts® program (CKLA™) a top score. The independent, detailed review highlighted CKLA’s knowledge-building approach, showing that it is standards-aligned, easy to use, and provides the combination of engagement and rigor that drives student outcomes. Full analysis and comparison across products can be found here.

Breaking news on Core Knowledge Sequence Curriculum research! EDreport

Click below to get a glimpse of some of the work our 4th and 5th graders have been doing.

MCDS Coffee House Poetry

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Exceptional Education: Non-traditional schools offer educational variety of educational opportunities


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Monroe Country Day School dedicates school garden

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Innovative new school headed for Monroe in 2016

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Feature in Walton Living


Here is an excerpt from an article in the Fall-Winter Walton Living

….But many who remained in the community had fond memories of the rich legacy of those earlier days and efforts are now being made to revitalize this district and bring it back its original luster. What was once the Old Mill School is currently being renovated and by next year it will again be bustling with students. Founded by longtime Walton County educator Rita Dickinson, Monroe Country Day School will open its doors in the late summer of 2016 and students will again fill the hallways.
“The building is going to be renovated and will be ready for us,” Dickinson said at a meeting introducing the concept of the new school to the public. “It may not look like much now, but when I walk in there I see all the possibilities.”
Monroe Country Day School is a private school from K through eighth-grade that offers an innovative way of teaching. Dickson said the location in the Old Mill School is ideal. It is convenient to downtown Monroe and close enough for students to walk to the Monroe Cultural and Heritage Museum, the Monroe Art Guild and the old Historic Courthouse.
“This is something that has been on my heart for quite a while – that I’ve wanted to start a school – and the opportunity sort of just came open with this most wonderful school building, the old Johnston Institute building. It is going to be renovated and we’re going to be able to return it to a school that it was for many, many years,” Dickinson said, adding that although the building itself is not quite as old as the Johnston Institute which dates but to 1883, but it is a memento of early education in Monroe.

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